Bible Prophecy: The Essentials

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials

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An Information-Packed Overview of Bible Prophecy

The study of Bible prophecy can seem complicated or controversial, yet Christians still long to understand what God’s Word reveals about the future. Whenever authors Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner teach on the end times, the most popular part of their ministry is the question-and-answer session, revealing the church’s great hunger to know more about the last days.

In Bible Prophecy: The Essentials, Amir and Barry pool their knowledge to answer some of their most commonly asked questions. Through succinct, Scripture-focused teachings, Amir and Barry address the seven biggest themes of Bible prophecy, including:
  • Israel
  • the Church
  • the Rapture
  • the Tribulation
  • the Millennium
  • the Great White Throne of Judgment
  • Heaven

When studied with wisdom and discernment, God’s Word provides all you need to know about what is to come. Amir and Barry’s thoughtful, informative, and user-friendly book is a resource you’ll return to again and again as you seek to prayerfully grow in your understanding of Bible prophecy.