Our Stories

… It was two weeks before The Gospel Lighthouse closed its doors after a 32-year run as Ontario’s Christian Bookstore … My wife, Linda, and I were visiting Tillsonburg to spend time with a friend, when we spotted the 50% off everything sign in the window of one of their stores and decided to go in and check things out.  As soon as we walked out of the door from our visit, I turned to Linda and said, “Would you ever consider …”, when she stopped me in my tracks and answered, “I sure would!” … and the dream began to become a reality. 😊

For years, my wife & I had always dreamt of opening up an inspirational gift shop in a charming community, that also could be a ‘third place” (a place, besides home and work, people can come and feel comfortable, safe and relaxed).  We thought it would be somewhere in the southeast of the U.S., but God had other plans; And what better place, than in Linda’s Mom’s hometown in Southern Ontario, where destination activities are aplenty and we’re surrounded by family and friends! We have been loving everyone we meet in Tillsonburg, and look forward to many great years in this sweet, friendly and beautiful town!