Store Closing

By the end of January, Lighthouse Treasures will be closing after three plus years of business.

It feels like the end of an era. Most stores like ours in all of North America have closed, church attendance has greatly declined, and the faith of many is being shaken. Most disheartening to me is the division that I witness among people of faith. It feels like God is allowing everything to be shaken!

When we opened Lighthouse Treasures over three years ago, we were certain that God was in it, and we have been encouraged by others that He truly was in many ways. Now we hold on to the faith that He still has more for us in the days to come, albeit hard to discern in a world that seems to be falling apart and it becomes harder to tell which way is up.

With stores like ours closing and church attendance down (and dare I say that many in church feeling less than satisfied with the kind of fellowship that truly encourages and refreshes the soul), I want to encourage you all, through the Spirit of Christ, to pray for one another, deeply love one another, spend time together (outside of church), and pray that real revival comes. Revival that compels us all to live out our God given destiny and purpose, with a love that demonstrates to the world the transforming power of Christ.

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