The Human Right - To Know Jesus Christ And To Make Him Known

The Human Right - To Know Jesus Christ And To Make Him Known

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A different kind of evangelism book.

Just as the author's book, God's Not Dead, laid out the logical reasoning for God's existence, and Man Myth Messiah established the existence and identity of Jesus Christ, now Rice Broocks brings a definitive book on the logical necessity to make the proclamation of the Gospel our highest priority. In fact, it is actually the ultimate justice issue and therefore the most important of all human rights. Consciously or subconsciously, many now believe that demonstrating tolerance is more important than truth. Fundamentally, the right to know the truth is even greater than the freedom to believe. Because Jesus Christ is the Truth, then humanity shouldn't be denied the right to hear about Him, make their own decision, and then have the freedom to tell others.

This unique book is written to achieve the following goals:
To recast the Gospel as a human rights issue…
To reset the Gospel as our top priority…
To explain why truth exists in the first place…
To defend the truth of the Bible…
To explain why God's design and purpose makes gender issues absurd…
To show that immorality is wrong regardless of the law of man…

What is truth? Does God really exist? Is the Bible true? All of this will be examined more closely in this book. Jesus claimed He was the Truth, not just spoke the truth. Therefore, if Christ is the truth, and all deserve to know what is true, then the most basic right of all is to know Jesus Christ and make Him known.