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"Kyle will challenge even the most obedient Christians to relook at their relationship with Christ."
--Mike Huckabee

"Like his preaching, Kyle's writings will bring you face-to-face with areas you need to change and the One who has the power to change you."
--Dave Stone

"Kyle ... is committed to helping us move in the right direction. If you need a helping hand in your journey, he'll point you to the right Person."
--Max Lucado

"If you're minimizing just how bad things have gotten in your life or are simply ready to change for good, then AHA awaits. This book is a gut punch to passivity. A bombshell to procrastination. Don't hold back now. Embrace the startling realization in these pages, talk straight to with your soul, and take immediate action. Your gracious, loving Father stands ready for you."

--Caleb Breakey

"AHA outlines biblical transformation and how it works in a simple yet profound way. Do you want to change, improve, or grow? You must get this book!"--Mark Batterson

"Fresh, insightful, practical--Kyle's writing and teaching are helping countless people. I'm thrilled with how God is using him to challenge and encourage both Christians and those who are checking out the faith. Count me among his many fans!"
--Lee Strobel