100 Days To Brave For Kids

100 Days To Brave For Kids

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100 Days to Brave for Kids helps kids see they were always meant to be brave. From dealing with fears, anxiety, and difficult changes in life, Annie F. Downs presents honest wisdom and humor giving kids ages 8 to 12 the courage and confidence to embrace the plan God has for their lives.

100 Days to Brave for Kids is your guide to help your kids not allow fear to hold them back. With 100 days of devotions and advice, they will discover:

How to be the best version of themselves they can be
How to defeat fear so it doesn't hold them back
Their unique gifts and how to create daily habits that will help them face any circumstance
100 Days to Brave for Kids is perfect for:

Readers 8 to 12 who are facing new life events, loneliness, or changes in their everyday lives
Helping children through difficult transitions
Youth groups
Birthday gifts and holiday giving

Kids today are going through a lot! With anxiety and loneliness at all-time highs, these 100 days can help your child discover they are braver than they know and stronger than they thought possible.